A Couple of Quick Announcements

In this post, I quickly discuss a couple of upcoming events — including SharePoint Saturday Vancouver and the TechNet series of Windows 7 Deployment Firestarter events.

Fall is on its way, and things may be winding down for some folks.  There’s plenty hopping here, though, and I wanted to share a couple of items that are coming up in the near term.

SharePoint Saturday Vancouver

spsvan This upcoming weekend, I’ll be traveling to Vancouver, British Columbia for SharePoint Saturday Vancouver.  The event is being organized by the triumvirate of Sherman Woo, Michal Pisarek, and Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, and it’s being held at the BCIT Downtown Campus in Vancouver.  If you live in or around Vancouver and want to soak up some free SharePoint knowledge and community interaction, sign-up – it’s free!

The event is planned with four tracks (Information Worker, Development/Customisation, Administration, and User Experience/Vendor), and each track will have four sessions throughout the day.  Attendees who fancy themselves administrators are going to get a load of Todd Klindt and me, as Todd and I are each delivering two of the four admin sessions.  No worries for potential attendees, though – I think that both Todd and I will be trying to soften the blow of suffering through an entire day with the two of us by giving away a few freebies …

On a non-SharePoint note, this is actually going to be my first trip to Canada … and I’m really looking forward to it!  I probably won’t be in Vancouver long enough to really see anything, but I will get to spend at least a couple of days in the Great White North – land of Geddy Lee and the McKenzie Brothers.

Off The Beaten Path

The bulk of what I blog about is related to SharePoint in some way, shape, or form.  Every now and then, though, I’ll venture off the SharePoint path to share noteworthy (or simply fun) information.

One such non-SharePoint item that I wanted to share with you is the Windows 7 Deployment Firestarter series of TechNet events taking place in the Midwest region (including Cincinnati).  The events are being brought to the community by a group that includes my friend and colleague Matt Hester.  Matt is Microsoft’s IT Pro Evangelist for our region, and he’s been working very hard in the last several months to organize the IT Pro community and build up some steam.

These events promise to be an excellent rundown on Windows 7, the tools that are available to IT Pros for deployment, and how upgrades can be approached.  If you have the time and interest, I encourage you to sign up.  Like so many other great events, they’re free!  Space is limited, though, so you should probably move fast.

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Author: Sean McDonough

I am a consultant for Bitstream Foundry LLC, a SharePoint solutions, services, and consulting company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. My professional development background goes back to the COM and pre-COM days - as well as SharePoint (since 2004) - and I've spent a tremendous amount of time both in the plumbing (as an IT Pro) and APIs (as a developer) associated with SharePoint and SharePoint Online. In addition, I've been a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in the Office Apps & Services category since 2016.

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